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rEscan Pty Ltd develops new Splice Monitoring System (SMS)

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rEscan Pty Ltd has developed a new Splice Monitoring System (SMS) to allow the remote measurement of conveyor belt splice elongation and therefore help prevent a common form of conveyor belt splice/clip failure in Fabric and Solid Woven belting.
As the conveyor belt ages and is subjected to ongoing operational tension, it naturally hardens and elongates up to 2%. This can lead to a weakening and eventual failure over time of the conveyor belts splice /clips.
By utilising a rEscan Splice Monitoring System (SMS), the conveyor belt elongation can be accurately measured and reported. Software upgrades allow the system to operate autonomously and any major changes would be detected and reported immediately via scada interface, or, stop the conveyor belt via a PLC if desired.
As the Splice Monitoring System (SMS) hardware utilised is similar to that of the rEscan steel cord remote scanning system, both steel cord scanning and splice elongation on fabric and solid woven belting may be performed from the one main computer enclosure.
The Splice Monitoring System (SMS) also enables the end user to position a conveyor belt at a specific location for ease of repair and inspection.
Camera options are also available for visual inspections of conveyor belt lengths, Splice/clips while in production.

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