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ResWorks provides occupational health and medical research services

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ResWorks  provides various occupational health and medical research services. ResWorks provides advanced scientific health research services with the help of tools which remove bias and allow it to compare treatment or interventions. The tools used by ResWorks provide a solid base for comparison. The use of the scientific method of research allows ResWorks to thoroughly assess a strategy.

Under occupational and medical research services, ResWorks provides four types of research which include clinical research, intervention research, public health research and basic science research. The clinical research services provided by ResWorks studies the effect of treatment on patient conditions like the effect of a cortisone injection on a shoulder condition whereas the intervention research services studies the effect of interventions like effectiveness of training a supervisor in return to work management.

Under public health research, ResWorks develops implements and evaluates new public health programs or population based interventions.

Basic science research provided by ResWorks is the study of the basics of living organisms like the nature of the disc between the vertebrae and disc pressure when a person is in the standing versus the sitting position.

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