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Tool repair service available from Repairit Tools

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Indexable cutting tools are used in milling, turning, machining and drilling operations.

When damaged, the traditional approach has been to replace these tools with brand new tools, (at considerable expense), or to try effect an in-house repair which invariably fails to provide the same accuracy and durability as the original cutting tool.

It is now possible to have your damaged cutting tools reconditioned. Founded in 1988 in Germany, NUBIUS represented in Australia by Repairit Tools, is an innovative company specialising in repairing carbide tipped tools.

Through the innovative implementation of new manufacturing and measuring technologies, NUBIUS has been able to establish itself in the global market through effectively and accurately reconditioning heavily damaged turning, drilling and milling tools. Since the mid-nineties

NUBIUS has provided a tool repair service through a network of branches and agencies and more than 200 employees in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North and South America. Nubius now has satisfied customers in more than 30 countries.

Save on tool costs.by having your carbide tipped tools reconditioned, considerable savings can be had when compared to the purchase of a new tool, (often 50 – 60% depending on the type of tool).

All reconditioned carbide tip tools are measured by ZOLLER measuring tools using the new digital image processing technology and are guaranteed to a tolerance of +/- 0.015 mm.

Customised manufacturing technologies and technical innovations that optimise the tool production have led to several industrial patents for NUBIUS. By using the reconditioned tools correctly, NUBIUS guarantees the same level of quality of a new tool.

In addition to all other factors the concept of recycling will always be beneficial to all. The reconditioning of cutting tools is a good example, as one is able to use the same part again.

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