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Lockable office cabinet with built-in shredder from Renz Masterbind

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article image Mastershred Enviro-cabinet with built-in shredder

Renz Masterbind  has released the Mastershred Enviro-cabinet with a built-in shredder. This innovative solution allows secure material to be shredded directly into a standard wheelie bin right in your own office, meaning users are sure that their confidential documents have been destroyed before removal and makes it easier to safely recycle even the most confidential material.

The Mastershred Enviro-cabinet is an attractive lockable office cabinet with powerful built in HSM shredder, which will provide a large bin capacity on the market for any office shredder and suitable for a standard 240 litre bin. Available in a choice of wood veneer finish designs or custom options to match any office environment.

Significant savings can be achieved by using a standard collection service instead of the more expensive security destruction collection services. Material is shredded as soon as the user decides to discard the document instead of waiting until the next collection pick up and there is no risk of confidential documents being dropped or lost during bin emptying as the contents are already shredded.

The Mastershred Enviro-cabinet provides a new way to instantly and securely destroy all private and classified information from documents to CDs, floppy disks, plastic ID cards, all shredded securely in the office before it is taken away for recycling.

You can still use a standard collection services or even let your cleaners remove the waste thus avoiding higher costs for secure collection services.

Mastershred Enviro-cabinet is mechanically and electronically integrated with the shredder for safe operation, designed to suit 13 models in the HSM shredder range with all shred sizes available including high security SCEC endorsed models suitable for government and security organisations.

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