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Mobile chillers systems and steel bars from Rent-A-Keg

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Rent-A-Keg  offers a comprehensive range of miracle box dispensing units. Rent-A-Keg has a wide network of professionals who deliver these dispensing units to the customers on time. These dispensing units supplied by Rent-A-Keg are high quality and ideal to pour the perfect beer.

Two bags of ice are also offered by Rent-A-Keg for chilling. Rent-A-Keg also provides fifty plastic cups with these dispensing units for the benefit of the customers. A drip tray is also provided to facilitate the customers while using these dispensing units.

The professionals at Rent-A-Keg are highly expert and work meticulously to offer a solid technical support to the customers for all the dispensing units. A complete assistance regarding any type of dispensing unit can be availed from Rent-A-Keg anytime throughout the day.

The mobile chillier systems supplied by Rent-A-Keg are highly effective and easy to use. A mobile chillier system from Rent-A-Keg does not have any electrical or mechanical parts that can cause potential problems as well as ruin the customer’s big party.

These mobile chillier systems work by passing the beer through a highly efficient and conductive metal plate. This metal plate is chilled by ice.

Apart from this, Rent-A-Keg also offers a comprehensive range of stainless steel bars, outdoor heaters bar equipment, glassware bags of ice and trestle tables ice tube on hire for the benefit of its customers.

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