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Centrifugal Pumps from Renroc Group (Pumps & Engineering) Australia

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For pump applications that require the trapping or containing of toxic, dangerous or valuable liquids, Renroc Group (Pumps & Engineering) Australia provide sealless centrifugal pumps. Applications vary across environment, space, noise and safety regulations.

The pressured vessel, sealed by static seals, holds a driven shaft which contains the pumped liquid. A containment barrier transmits the power required for the driven shaft.

Renroc provides two centrifugal pumps:

Canned motor pumps

These centrifugal pumps are more suited for corrosive, aggressive or expensive liquids that aren’t to come into contact with the atmosphere. Canned motor pumps also require no on-site alignment. Features of the canned motor pump include:

  • Capacities up to 1000m3/hr and maximum discharge heads up to 210m
  • Multi-stage and high speed options for differential heads up to 420m
  • Wide variety of wetted materials
  • Option for a range of liquids including slurries, high temperature, volatile and high melting point liquids
  • ATEX flame-proof canned motor pumps are available
  • Electric bearing wear detection are specified on all models
  • Double sealing cover for added protection

Magnetically coupled pumps

These centrifugal pumps are suited for toxic, flammable or dangerous liquids. Silicone carbide bearings and large internal clearances minimise the need for maintenance and increases pump life. Features of the magnetically coupled pumps include:

  • 26 sizes covering capacities up to 300m3/hr and differential heads up to 145m
  • Design is able to withstand high temperatures up to 400 degrees without cooling
  • Containment shells replace double acting mechanical seals and external fluid reservoirs

Pumps are designed to improve personnel and plant safety.

These centrifugal pumps provide a good solution for pump operations where the operator needs to contain specific liquids. The reliable and leak-proof design enables an effective performance.

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