Renroc Group (Pumps & Engineering) Australia

The Renroc Group are specialists in the design and construction of fluid handling systems for many of the world's leading EPCM contractors. These cover the fields of the oil and gas, petrochemical, minerals extraction, refining companies and utility suppliers


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25/11/10 - Available from Renroc Group (Pumps & Engineering) Australia, between bearing pumps (BB pumps) have been specifically designed for heavy, high pressure and high temperature operations.
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06/09/10 - Renroc Group (Pumps & Engineering) Australia provide pump protection valves or automatic recirculating valves. To maximise the lifespan of the pump, these automatic valves are designed to ensure a minimum flow. The pump is thereby protected against o
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06/09/10 - Renroc Group (Pumps & Engineering) Australia present agitators and mixer pumps designed for optimum functionality featuring an effective design.
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06/09/10 - For pump applications that require the trapping or containing of toxic, dangerous or valuable liquids, Renroc Group (Pumps & Engineering) Australia provide sealless centrifugal pumps. Applications vary across environment, space, noise and safety regu
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VIC 3136
Tel: 03 97617880

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