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A NEW generation transmission chain has been launched by Renold Australia. The new chain, branded Renold Synergy, has at least twice the wear-life of the previous Renold brand design and six-times that of the best competitor’s product.

Renold Synergy will also withstand 20 per cent higher bearing pressures, and has improved fatigue performance and fretting-corrosion resistance. Its reliability means down time is cut to a minimum.

Despite these improvements, Renold Synergy will be priced below the price of the Renold chain it replaces.

Ray Ayers, Renold Australia’s managing director, said the new chain was the culmination of almost four years of research and development, laboratory testing and extensive field trials.

“Renold set out to develop a new generation of chain that would deliver significant performance enhancements for markets with increasingly demanding applications,” he said.

“The test results are even better than our engineers had originally calculated. The name Synergy comes from the final product being greater than the sum of its component parts.

During tests, its bedding-in performance showed a 50% improvement over the previous design, and as a result, running-in adjustments may no longer be necessary after the chain has been fitted. Maintenance has been further simplified by a unique gold-coloured connecting link that is easy to locate in dirty conditions.

The new chain has benefited from new technology developed by Renold. Advanced computer modelling and finite element analysis resulted in an optimised chain design, and specially developed surface treatments assisted in the breakthrough. WRITE MAY153 on card

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