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Flexible coupling accommodates shaft misalignment

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RENOLD Clutches and Couplings has introduced the highly innovative SCPF and SCGF Series - two ranges of Sprag clutch coupling which allow a Sprag clutch to be incorporated into the connection between two in-line shafts.

Under normal conditions a Sprag clutch cannot be used to directly connect a pair of in-line shafts, due to possible misalignment and the consequent rapid wear of the unit.

However, by integrating a flexible coupling into the Sprag clutch assembly, as Renold has done with its new SCPF and SCGF Series, the problems of misalignment and wear are overcome.

The SCPF Series features Renold's high precision SO Sprag clutch in combination with a 'Pinflex' steel coupling, providing excellent shock loading and vibration absorption, as well as allowing for angular, parallel and axial misalignment.

The all steel, half bodies of the coupling ensure compactness and strength, while the use of Urethane buffer material enhances the high temperature and fire resistant properties of the product.

Complementing the SCPF is the SCGF, which uses an SO sprag clutch with two flexible half 'Gearflex' couplings, which form a short 'cardan' or spacer shaft accommodating both parallel and angular misalignment.

The use of this all steel, double engagement coupling offers total flexibility, while the larger bore capacity of the coupling half bodies provides customers with an optimum specification Sprag clutch unit for a given application.

The SCPF and SCGF are suitable for applications where primary and secondary drives are employed with a Sprag clutch coupling incorporated as the shaft connection and one or both shafts need to overrun.

Renold manufactures a wide range of Sprag clutches and couplings suitable for overrunning, backstopping and indexing applications on machinery such as rolling mills, inclined conveyors, theme park rides, escalators and mobile cranes. Renold Sprag Clutches and Couplings are also fully interchangeable with all other leading makes. Renold Australia 03 9262 3333.

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