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Renishaw Oceania introduces its multi-axis option for machining process

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Expanding creative machining process possibilities, Renishaw Oceania  introduces its multi-axis development for its Productivity+ probe software.

Building on more creativity and efficiency in machining processes, Renishaw’s Productivity+ key improvement is its new multi axis option. This is also supported by
Renishaw’s high accuracy Rengage 3D technology-based touch probes and new ultra-compact radio probes, giving a wide variety of process solutions for both engineers and machinists.

The Productivity+ software allows users to take full advantage of data from multi-dimensional probe moves by performing logical tests on the part. This ensures that the set-up is correct, and accurately updated process parameters before starting the cutting process.

It can also be used to fine-tune machine variables such as work offsets, or to make process decisions according to the exact conditions found on the machine, making the
multi axis Productivity+ key truly adaptable to natural changes.

Renishaw’s Rengage 3D strain gauge technology provides a high level of accuracy for every measurement direction for components produced on multi-axis machine tools. With a patented sensing mechanism and advanced electronics, both the OMP400 touch probe and RMP600 touch probe allow sub-micron 3D probe performance on contoured surfaces, even with long styli.

The RMP600 touch probe features Renishaw’s proven frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) radio transmission for probe signals, allowing it to operate with the complete absence of sight of the signal receiver. Its “Auto-Reset” function compensates for stylus forces which originate via changes in probe orientation, causing false-triggering. This function also works well on nodding-head type machines.

The first combined radio transmission and strain-gauge probe, Rengage 3D technology, and the Auto-Reset technology, makes the RMP600 touch probe an ideal partner for accurate multi-axis machining.

By combining the multi-axis accuracy of the Rengage 3D product line with the creative process control benefits of the PC-based Productivity+ software, machine tool users will find it easier than ever to use in-process measurement to gain efficiency and eliminate machining errors.

Whether it is solving process control problems using the Productivity+ suite, through to On-Machine Verification and CMM-style measurement from the OMV software family, Renishaw’s range of measurement and process control software for CNC machine tools caters for the complete cross-section of machine tool probing applications.

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