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Renishaw OMV Pro Software for Advanced On-Machine Part Verification and Machine Simulation

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Renishaw Oceania  announces the launch of Renishaw OMV Pro software, a powerful package that works with touch probes to give advanced on-machine part verification and machine simulation capabilities.  

Renishaw is a world-leading supplier of PC-based measurement software for CNC machine tools.  

Launched in 2005, Renishaw OMV software has allowed users of machine tool touch probes to quickly verify the accuracy of free-form and simple prismatic parts without moving the part from the machine bed.  

Featuring simple graphical interface and crystal-clear reporting formats, the user-friendly software enables users to make corrections before the part is moved for inspection.  

Building on the proven success of Renishaw OMV software, the new Pro version adds advanced co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) style functionality including constructed features and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T).  

The GD&T function helps users through the process of creating standardised report elements based on internationally-recognised symbols.  

Renishaw OMV Pro software will also benefit users of complex multi-axis machine tools in collision detection and the visualisation of complex machine geometries to simplify programming.  

The Pro package significantly adds to the proven capabilities of the Renishaw OMV software.  

Key features of Renishaw OMV Pro software:

  • ‘Constructed features’ function will help manufacturers measure more complex geometric parts
  • Users can construct entities from other previously measured features
  • Suitable for verifying components with a large number of prismatic features, or performing more complex prismatic measurements
  • Enhanced handling of the measurement of geometric components with a new GD&T wizard
  • GD&T function allows users to fully compare part measurement results taken on the machine to the manufacturing drawing before submitting the part for off-machine inspection
  • New full machine simulation module enhances the existing multi-axis module
  • Simulation capability helps develop programmes for complex geometries, common in multi-axis machine tool environments
  • Quickly simulates and detects collisions involving the part, machine or probe before running the program for real
  • Simulation feature prevents potential for costly breakages and machine downtime

The release of Renishaw OMV Pro software strengthens the company’s position as the world’s leading supplier of probing software for CNC machine tools.  

Together with the Renishaw OMV and Productivity+ software, the range now covers every aspect of on-machine measurement from graphical reporting through to process control and process capability measurement.

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