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Renishaw HS20 laser encoder provides long term support for critical applications

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Renishaw is introducing a thoroughly updated successor to its established HS10 long range laser encoder.

Designed as a drop-in replacement for the HS10, the new HS20 laser encoders will minimise installation issues for existing users. The HS10, with a range of up to 60m has found multiple applications on large machine tools for the aerospace industry.

The new HS20 laser encoders have been completely revised and use many proven components from Renishaw's current XL-80 calibration laser. PCBs use the latest surface mount technology (produced in-house at Renishaw) for greater robustness and reliability.

The HS20 also provides for external setting of configuration switches and an additional dedicated 24 volt power input for installations where there is significant distance between the laser and Renishaw's RCU10 real-time quadrature compensator units, avoiding the ‘power drop' associated with multi-core cables. The RCU10 units allow accuracy to be maintained even under varying environmental conditions.

The ability to determine the capabilities of any machine tool before machining and subsequent post-process part inspection can greatly reduce the possibility of scrap and machine downtime, resulting in lower manufacturing costs.

However, traditional linear scales can be difficult to lay accurately, are prone to the effects of thermal expansion and can be costly over long distances.

Laser encoders bring the precision of laser measurement normally associated with calibration lasers directly to the machine tool. Their measurements are independent of machine thermal expansion, delivering extremely high repeatability and reliability.

The introduction of new large machines for aerospace applications (including high pressure water jet cutters for composite panels) means there is an ongoing market for new laser encoder systems.

Renishaw is meeting this challenge with the HS20 laser encoder, ensuring ongoing support for this specialised sector of the machine tool market. 

Renishaw Oceania represents the Renishaw Group in Australia.

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