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QC20-W Ballbars from Renishaw Oceania

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Renishaw Oceania  introduces the newly designed QC20-W ballbars that feature a Renishaw developed linear sensor and Bluetooth wireless technology.  

In addition to user-friendly operation and enhanced durability, QC20-W ballbars can be used for testing even in closed door manufacturing, where access for wiring can raise safety and procedural issues.  

Diagnose and quantify machine tool positioning errors    

The new QC20-W ballbars allow testing in three orthogonal planes through a single reference point.  

Quicker testing and the ability to produce a representative volumetric measurement of positioning accuracy are facilitated by a single, simple hardware set-up.  

A simple CNC circular program and powerful software in the QC20-W help to quickly diagnose and quantify machine tool positioning errors including servo mismatch, stick-slip errors, backlash, repeatability, scale mismatch and machine geometry in addition to giving an overall circularity error value.  

Greater flexibility for testing and reporting is enabled in the enhanced Ballbar 20 system software. The QC20-W kit is supplied in a redesigned, robust system case, which includes space for popular accessories.  

The new QC20-W ballbars are backward compatible with the QC10 system, minimising costs and disruption when upgrading or working alongside existing QC10 systems.  

Cost-effective upgrade for existing Renishaw ballbar users  

Existing QC10 ballbar users can use the upgrade kit available at a very competitive price.  

The upgrade kit is supplied as standard with an insert for fitting into the current QC10 case, with the new system case and additional hardware required for carrying out the 3-plane testing available as options.  

Machine tool testing with the Renishaw ballbar  

Numerous Renishaw QC10 ballbars are used by machine tool manufacturers, end users, service and maintenance companies as well as resellers for pre-production tests, predictive maintenance programs, new machine prove-out, machine grading and comparison, and machine checking after crashes.  

Thanks to the simplicity and effectiveness of testing with the Renishaw QC10 ballbar, many users specify a ballbar test before beginning any new batch of components.  

The Renishaw ballbar has become a vital tool for machine tool performance verification.  

Early error detection with the ballbar permits optimum efficiency in scheduling maintenance and repairs. Besides isolating errors, the ballbar also allows process optimisation.  

The rapid development of ISO 9000 quality system standards and Six Sigma programs has created a need to define and measure process capability factors, a requirement that can be met by Renishaw ballbars.  

There is an urgent need in the current economic climate to lower production costs. Minimising scrap and rework in addition to regulating repair and maintenance work help reduce direct costs and production losses due to downtime.  

Renishaw’s ballbar software automatically produces a diagnosis from the captured data, enabling non-experts to make expert decisions.

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