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Pump manufacturer uses Renishaw QC20-W ballbar system to extend machine life and reduce downtime

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article image QC20-W wireless ballbar performing a test on an Aquasub machine

A Renishaw QC20-W ballbar system is being used by a leading pump manufacturer in India to reduce maintenance costs, increase capacity and reduce scrappage.

Aquasub Engineering (Coimbatore, India), part of the Aqua Group is one of the largest pump manufacturing companies in Asia. Focussed on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Aquasub sought a demonstration of Renishaw’s new wireless QC20-W ballbar system. The QC20-W ballbar is widely recognised as a preventative maintenance tool for new and installed machines.

Impressed by the scope and precision of data given on various machine errors with a QC20-W test, Aquasub was convinced about the suitability of the QC20-W ballbar as an essential health check tool for their TPM programme.

Aquasub wanted to maintain their 200 existing machines including many exceeding 25 years, to reduce the necessity of purchasing new machines. Mr K Senthil Kumar, General Manager explained that this was a more cost effective option than investing in new machines.

According to Mr Kumar, once the machine life is extended, the improved performance also reduces machine downtime hours. Aquasub has already seen a 10% reduction in machine downtime. Regular ongoing tests are also being carried out with the QC20-W ballbar to extend the life of the machine. The Renishaw equipment also allows them to carry out three-plane testing with a single set-up, reducing their maintenance inspection time by 20%.

Mr Kumar adds that test data from each machine is stored in the Ballbar 20 software history function, allowing them to schedule machine maintenance, and take remedial action before part quality became an issue. By incorporating QC20-W into their maintenance program, Aquasub has been able to significantly reduce scrap and faulty product.

The QC20-W is even used to test new machines after they are first installed, since damage during shipment from the machine OEM to the Aquasub factory could result in faulty components even from brand new machines.

Aqua Group has an extensive product range, all destined for critical applications in agriculture, domestic or industrial water supply. With a capacity to produce 4000 pumps a day, reliability of their 200 machine tools is of crucial importance to maintain deliveries.

Aqua Group has implemented the Total Productive Maintenance programme to ensure good quality practices are followed and identify scope for further improvement.

Aquasub would previously base their machine performance reliability on an engineer's word where the potential for human error was high. However, with the QC20-W ballbar, the company is able to get overall machine diagnostics (circularity, squareness and backlash) from a single test. All the machine data is stored in Ballbar 20 software, creating an information log about each machine's performance that can be reviewed at the time or offline.

Mr Kumar describes the Renishaw QC20-W ballbar system as the backbone of their quality programme. 

Renishaw Oceania represents the Renishaw Group in Australia.

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