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Metrology equipment from Renishaw Oceania

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Renishaw Oceania  specialise in manufacturing metrology equipment and work along with the bio-medical field for the analysis of organic and inorganic substances. The first product manufactured by Renishaw Oceania is the touch-trigger probe which was introduced to resolve a particular examination need of the Olympus engines used on the Concorde.

The product categories include calibration, co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), incise dental, laser encoders, machine tool, neurological, position encoders, spectroscopy and styli. The performance measurement products, manufactured by Renishaw Oceania, are used for the analysis and calibration of position critical systems. The calibration and the performance of the machine can be measured using laser measurement, ballbar system and machine checking gauge.

The laser interferometer systems, manufactured by Renishaw Oceania, can be used to assess machine tools, co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and various critically positioned motion systems. The beam splitters are mounted in the external position to find an accurate measurement.

Renishaw Oceania manufacture two types of laser systems, the XL – 80 and the ML10. the compact XL – 80 laser system can be used to trace the performance calibration of the motion systems, the machine tools and the CMMs. Features of the ML 10 are nanometre resolution, class 2 power rating, flexible measurement and +/-0.7 ppm accuracy.

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