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Machine tools probing systems from Renishaw Oceania

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Renishaw Oceania  offer probing solutions to decrease the set up duration of the machine and to multiply the process control. Renishaw Oceania offer solutions for component set up, tool setting, in-cycle gauging, broken tool detection and first-off inspection of parts.

On the machining centres, the probes are spindle-mounted and on turning centres, they are turret-mounted. The benefits of the component set-up probes are the reduced machine time, job alignment, automatic fixture, rotary axis set up, reduced scrap. The component set-up is helpful for avoiding the possible errors of manual setting as they are automatic and the set-up also increases the batch size facility and productivity.

The solutions for the machining centres are OMP40-2, OMP60, MP700, OMP400 and RMP60. The OMP40-2 is capable of miniaturising of the machine whilst retaining the same performance. OMP40-2 is ideal for retrofit and is designed to be vibration and shock resistant. The softwares that can be used in OMP40-2 are EasyProbe, Inspection, Inspection Plus, and Productivity+ Active Editor Pro.

Renishaw Oceania have manufactured the touch probe, OMP60 with optical transmission. It is appropriate for mill-turn centres and machines of medium and large sizes. OMP60 make use of the instant AA batteries and has multiple switch-on and switch-off methods.

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