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Laser encoders and retroreflectors from Renishaw Oceania

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Renishaw Oceania  manufacture metrology equipment such as laser encoders, calibration, neurological, spectroscopy, machine tools and position encoders. Since 1985, Renishaw Oceania is engaged in homodyne interferometry. The first laser encoder product of Renishaw Oceania is the HS10 which is a long-range laser scale.

Laser encoders are manufactured in different types such as RLE laser encoder, RLU laser units, RLD10 0` and 90` launch detector head, RLD10 Differential Interferometer detector head, RPI20 parallel interface and RCU10 real-time quadrature compensation system.

The fibre optic laser delivery system of the RLE laser interferometer-based encoder system is used to directly deliver the laser beam to the measurement axis, instead of multiple beam benders, mounts and splitters. The RLE laser encoding systems has two major parts, one is the RLU laser unit and the other is the RLD 10 detector head.

The retroreflectors, supplied by Renishaw Oceania can be used for the integration with a single pass detector and can also offer mounts and mirrors for double pass applications.

The RCU10 real-time systems make use of the environmental sensors for monitoring the ambient environment of the machine. RCU10 also provides real-time compensation of the positive feedback signals.

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