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Inspection Probes from Renishaw Oceania for Lathes and Turning Centres

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Renishaw Oceania  specialises in a comprehensive line of tool setting probes, inspection probes and probe software to cater to diverse machine tool probing applications.  

Designed to withstand the harsh environments of lathes and turning centres, both models of inspection probes are hardened and sealed to IPX8 requirements. Additionally, an innovative eyelid protection system prevents the entry of swarf or chips that could potentially damage the probe.  

Renishaw’s inspection probes provide uni-directional repeatability of 1µm and can be used to reduce set-up times, scrap and fixture costs while improving process control.  

Inspection probes offered by Renishaw Oceania are compact in size, measuring only 40mm in diameter and 58.3mm in length.  

RLP40 Inspection Probes

Superior signal robustness and flexibility through frequency switching are the key advantages of the RLP40.  

The RLP40’s unique frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) radio transmission pairs with the standard Renishaw Radio Machine Interface (RMI) and utilises the 2.4GHz frequency band. The probe and its interface continually switch from one transmission channel to another, delivering robust probe signal transmission.  

The radio transmission allows continuous communication between the touch probe and interface even at loss of line-of-sight.  

OLP40 Inspection Probes

High resistance to light interference and 360-degree operation are the two key advantages of the OLP40 inspection probes.  

OLP40 uses modulated optical transmission for high resistance to light interference and its 360-degree transmission systems allow the probe to operate in any orientation.  

Additionally, the probes are compatible with Renishaw's legacy transmission systems. The OMI-2T interface unit can be used to enable two touch probes to be used on one turning centre.    

Renishaw’s probes find application in tool setting, process control and on-machine verification requirements.

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