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Fastrack optical linear encoders now available from Renishaw Oceania

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Renishaw Oceania manufactures Fastrack optical linear encoders, rugged systems that have been designed for applications that demand high accuracy and an easily removable scale.

Fastrack optical linear encoders consist of two miniature guide rails that securely retain a low profile, 8 x 0.2mm cross-section scale, allowing them to freely expand at their own thermal expansion coefficient with almost zero hysteresis.

If the scale is damaged, it can easily be pulled out of the guide rails and quickly replaced, even when access is limited.

These optical linear encoders deliver advanced optoelectronics, conferring resolutions to 1 nm, low sub-divisional error and low jitter rates for smooth velocity control and solid positional stability.

Available on reels to added installation flexibility, Fastrack encoders allow machine builders to reduce both stock and lead-times.

Generous tolerances and a bench-mounted guillotine simplify measuring and cutting procedures, while its overall flexibility ensures the system is well suited for large machines that need to be sectioned for transportation to their installation site.

Fastrack optical linear encoders are suitable for use in a range of applications, including:

  • FPD manufacturing machines
  • linear motors with aluminium substrates
  • P-V manufacturing
  • axes that are exposed to potential damage
  • large CMMs and other machines that require the scale to be installed or removed for transit; and
  • other applications where thermal expansion of the scale must be independent of the machine structure.

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