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Rainwater harvesting systems from Renewable Water Solutions

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With the price of water increasing by 60% in the past three years, so has the cost of of doing all those things water is relied on for, such as maintaining a garden, washing the car, even taking a shower.

Renewable Water Solutions has now introduced a rainwater harvesting system to sheild people from the effects of these price rises. With a Renewable Water Solutions rain water harvesting system comes the freedom from so many of the uncertainties associated with a reliance on the water coming out of the tap.

This rainwater harvesting system can harvest 100% of the water landing on a roof for storage in onsite water tanks, leaving it there for the owner to decide when and how to use it, whether it be watering the garden, flushing the toilet, or washing clothes.

Renewable Water Solutions also manufactures a pump system for rain water tanks that automatically switches to mains water when the water levels in the rainwater harvesting tank runs low. These pumps mean no sudden cut outs, no loss of water, and no urgent calls to the plumber to make that switch.

Businesses, schools, and sporting facilities are also ideal candidates for the rainwater harvesting system. Renewable Water Solutions have over two decades of experience working with electrical and hydraulic engineering, water treatment, green solutions and irrigation ensuring they are perfectly placed to create rainwater harvesting solutions for even the largest commercial clients.

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