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Reltronics releases new version of TopoR

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Reltronics has released a new version of TopoR, improved advanced powerful topological PCB autorouter.

TopoR is a powerful and topological PCB autorouter with good routing quality which matches or even exceeds proficient manual routing quality.

TopoR differs a lot from all the known autorouters. TopoR’s mathematical algorithms not only reduce the overall design time, but also improve the electromagnetic compatibility of the resulting boards.

Topological routing and advanced TopoR features simplify design tasks previously considered to be hard or impossible to fulfill.

When working with TopoR a previous experience in autorouters usage is not required.

TopoR does not use obscure scripts, it is controlled interactively by transparent and easy to learn graphical user interface.

TopoR lays down tracks going in any direction, thereby taking the shortest path, unlike other autorouters it is not restricted to orthogonal and 45 degree tracks.

Advanced maths delivers PCBs with a minimum possible number of vias and short tracks.

TopoR routes any board almost instantly. However, it does not stop at this point, but continues generating new variants of layout, automatically selecting better variants.

Typically in a short time TopoR finds variants with topological quality similar to manually routed PCBs.

To accept the user's input, TopoR is equipped with advanced interactive editing tools.

These include automatic and manual component placement and movement, manual routing, changing of the track's layer or width.

TopoR features PCB import from PCAD ASCII PCB, PDIF, PADS PCAD ASCII PCB and DSN files, export to PDIF, PCAD ASCII PCB, DXF, GERBER and DRILL files, internal measuring units: 0.1 um, autorouter supports up to 32 signal layers, topology manual editor supports up to 255 layers, components moving, components rotation in any angle, change components' mounting sides, online-DRC, automatic pin swap, manual pin swap and many more.

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