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Reltronics releases new development tools

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Reltronics has released a new Project-MQ - complete development tool solution for MAXQ microcontrollers produced by Maxim-Dallas Semiconductor.

Project-MQ is a set of hardware and software tools for developing applications based on MAXQ microcontrollers under control of one easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDE).

A full package CodeMaster includes absolutely everything you need to start and complete your development without a necessity to use other development tools (CM-MQ/CD configuration option).

However, it enables integration with selected third party tools, including the tools and boards from MAXIM-Dallas Semiconductor.

A C compiler without a JEm-MQ emulator (CM-MQ/C configuration option) or vise versa a debugging kit without a C compiler (CM-MQ/D configuration option) is also available for ordering.

JEm-MQ emulator provides in-system flash programming, real-time run at up to 20 MHz and single step program execution, breakpoints, and other debug functions. It Supports entire MAXQ family and future derivatives.

JEm features high-level steps for C programs and low-level steps for assembly code, up to 4 true hardware breakpoints at addresses of program memory, up to 2 true hardware memory/register access breakpoints, on-the-fly access to the breakpoints, precisely controls voltages of the target MCU - 1.8V to 2.75V for MAXQ core and 1.8V to 3.6V for I/Os, embedded script language for routine and test automation, connects to a target via JTAG 10-pin connector compatible with Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor development kits and all popular target boards, and interfaces to a PC via a high-speed USB port - 1.x and 2.0 compatible.

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