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PCB router reduces design time

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article image The ideal wire shape is calculated automatically.

RELTRONICS has released the TopoR PCB router. It provides high-speed, high-quality routing, smooth wires without dog-legs. It allows users to reduce design time considerably and it can be integrated with Protel DXP.

TopoR provides a minimum of via numbers (for the given topology), which allows the creation of single-layer boards. It automatically creates teardrops. The ideal wire shape is calculated automatically. During autorouting TopoR tries to keep the specified wire width and desired clearance between wires. It also shrinks wire width when approaching small pads.

The system allows components to be displaced on routed board while observing layout integrity and design constraints. The displacement of components, vias and junctions allows wire length minimisation, the elimination of bottlenecks elimination and the shrinking of board area. The displacement can be automatic as well as manual. During displacement the wire’s geometry is recalculated instantly. Pin swap allows to reduce number of wire crossings significantly and therefore to reduce the number of vias and wires length.

TopoR Lite is a freeware version that includes a user guide. It differs from professional version only by the limited number of nets (125) and layers (eight). Full professional versions are available. The software is available for purchase with two, four, eight, 16 or unlimited layers.

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