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Integrated motor ball screw released by Reliance Precision Australia

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Reliance Precision Australia has released new Mobo range integrated motor ball screw from KSS Japan. These high-performance, compact precision positioning drive units combine a stepping motor with a ball screw to eliminate the need for a coupling in precision positioning systems.

A high performance Tamagawa-Seiki 5 phase stepping motor is mounted directly to the ball screw using the ideally constructed screw shaft to form the motor rotor. This eliminates the need for a shaft joint and allows for reduced axial dimensions and minimises lost motion. The elimination of the coupling also provides benefits in motor, ball screw and assembly alignment leading to savings in labour and assembly costs.

This simple yet precise assembly uses the KSS range of ultra precision ball screws and makes full use of ball screw performance based on precision manufacturing and positioning expertise. Available in a variety of screw diameters and with a wide range of leads and stroke, an out of the box standard assembly is available to suit many applications.

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