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Vibration isolation range expanded

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article image A vibration-damping surface-liner of Regufoam PUR successfully isolated the building structure from the extreme vibrations that routinely occur in this facility for testing road building machines.

REGUPOL (Australia) has added a polyurethane high-performer to its range of products designed to prevent the transmission of vibrations in engineering and industrial applications.

This includes isolating precision instruments, test rigs and measuring equipment from vibrations transmitted from the floor slab. Similarly it includes isolating the building structure from the vibrations of the machinery it supports.

Called Regufoam PUR, the new series complements the Regupol Rubber range to solve structure-borne sound problems.

Given the input from Regupol's technical advisers, engineers can, using the extended range, solve vibration transmission problems in most industrial applications.

The Regupol products' low natural frequency can prevent structure-borne vibration that would otherwise be caused by factory plant such as milling, planing and printing machines.

The products can similarly deal with mixing, pounding, grinding and pumping plant used in the food, mineral and other process industries.

Both Regufoam PUR and Regupol Rubber can be laid under floor slabs, even those loaded dynamically by the passage of heavy vehicles.

Designing, using a combination of Regufoam PUR and floating floors, can achieve sound attenuation up to 40dB, the makers claim.

Samples, test reports and detailed engineering design formulae and data are provided in Regupol's "Vibration Technology" information pack, available free to specifiers.

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