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Portable intelligent digital pyrometer

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SMARTDIP is a battery powered, digital portable pyrometer from Refractech for performing quick checks in large foundries and smelters.

The more recent development, the Smartdip 2 pyrometer, has the capability of measuring 1000 readings before downloading onto a computer for current and historical temperature measurement data.

Extra features have been added as required. Various signals appear on the display to advise the operator how the dip temperature measurement is proceeding.

Recent features include:

· Manual reset button (black) enables the last reading to be rapidly cleared allowing further measurement to be taken quickly.

· Sequence LED's (traffic lights) highlight: Thermocouple plugged in OK (green); temperature increasing rapidly (amber); steady temperature reached: remove from metal (red). These 3 lights enable the operator to concentrate on making the dip. Also, the operator does not have to decide when a steady reading is achieved, the RED light indicates this.

· A range change switch may be specified. This will be situated within the electronics compartment. It will enable the span of the instrument to be changed. However, the cold junction solder connection may also require changing, all type R and S calibrations have the same solder connection.

The capacity of up to 1000 readings is achievable for most applications. If more than 1000 readings are attempted without downloading, the oldest reading is lost and the latest reading is stored, ready for downloading.

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