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article image Longlife probes immersed in molten aluminium.

THE FMA portable CHAPEL (Continuous Hydrogen Analysis Pressure Evaluation in Liquids) from Refractech is a direct reading instrument that provides automatic hydrogen analysis with a single button operation providing either single hydrogen measurements or continuous hydrogen measurements.

Hydrogen is the only gas that dissolves in liquid aluminium. Because the solubility decreases drastically during solidification, high hydrogen concentrations in liquid aluminium results in gas porosity in cast sections.

Based on the principle of the CHAPEL technique FMA have developed a compact and user friendly hydrogen analyser.

This instrument is designed with two different levels of operation:

1. Setting level (alloy composition, setting of parameters, etc).

2. Measuring level (measurements, user operated).

The CHAPEL Longlife probes are immersed in molten aluminium and provide:

· Excellent thermal shock resistance.

· Operating life of up to 1 year or more.

· Excellent resistance in aluminium-melts.

· Accurate measurements

· Longlife probes are supplied in 160mm and 640mm length.

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