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Intelligent portable foundry pyrometer

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article image New products for temperature measurement of molten metal.

SMARTDIP 2 is a rugged portable digital pyrometer, available from Refractech , that is designed specifically for use in the foundry environment.

Housed in a tough,, lightweight aluminium case and with a single button operation, it searches, holds, displays and stores the peak stable temperature.

Smartdip 2 is an ideal tool for obtaining molten metal temperature data. It stores more than 675 temperature readings, including the time and date, for batch down-loading to an easy-to-use PC windows program.

Ease of use, accuracy, reliability, flexibility, intelligence and durability are Smartdip's main features.

Smartdip 2 is battery powered with a 4-digit bright display. It automatically indicates 'low battery voltage', 'broken thermocouple' and 'reversed polarity' throughout the measurement process.

The instrument is provided with a 1.26 metre steel dip arm as standard, mechanically clamped into the instrument with the required thermocouple connector or thermocouple, pre-fitted and hard wired.

Smartdip 2 is available for use with Type W, W, 'N', W or 'S' thermocouples.

Smartdip 2 'K' can be supplied with a hard wired KWIKTIP K-90 or Marshall swaged dip arm. Alternatively, a disposable plug-in Marshall Arm, may be specified.

Smartdip 2 'N' is supplied with an arm fitted with a SYLON sheath.

Smartdip 2 'B', 'R' and 'S' have arms with a connector pre-fitted to accept the plug-in expendable thermocouple of user choice.

The unit stores the reading along with the time and date for future downloading to a computer via a stereo socket in the side of the instrument, which is also utilised for recharging the internal battery pack, from the mains, with a plug-in, constant current charger.

It is also available for use with non-rechargable AA alkaline batteries.

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