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Pallet lifters and turners from Reflex Australia

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Pallet lifters from Reflex Australia are specialised pallet lifting aids, which lift and move either full or empty pallets without the use of a forklift. Depending on the style of the pallet lifters, pallets may be moved across a distance or up and down.

Pallet lifters can be:

  • Reflex manual requiring handle to be pumped to lift pallets to allow movement
  • Reflex manual with hydraulic assistance
  • Reflex electric with push button controls for lifting, forwarding and reversing, using a rechargeable battery
  • Reflex lift tables, fitted with turn tables
  • Reflex pallet lifting attachment for a hoist or crane for lifting and transferring pallets on construction sites, warehouses, and in and out of trucks

Specialised types of pallet lifters include:

  • Reflex low profile lifters for extra low pallets
  • Reflex pallet lifters fitted with Fallshaw Australian made pneumatic wheels suitable for rough terrain such as building sites
  • Alternative finishes available on some of our pallet lifters such as stainless steel, galvanised or zinc
  • Pallet lifters with set back forks from front wheels to allow easy access for loading of pallets

Reflex Australia can also supply battery transfer roller system, which can be mounted onto a pallet truck to assist with removal of batteries from under vehicles.

Reflex Pallet turners/inverters allow pallets quickly and safely, avoiding double handling and lost productivity.

Reflex pallet tables Series 2 is a spring operated pallet elevator designed to minimise the bending and stretching required to load and unload palletised goods, built in turn tables.

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