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Justrite flammable storage safety cabinets available from Reflex Handling and Storage

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Reflex Handling and Storage  offer Justrite storage safety cabinets to store chemical, gas, corrosive and flammable products. Virtually every place of business has occasion to use flammable or combustible liquids, chemicals or gases.

Whether it is a manufacturing or processing plant, laboratory, or commercial institution, risks can be reduced by storing hazardous materials in Justrite safety storage cabinets. Safety flammable cabinets offered by Reflex Handling and Storage serve several critical functions.

They provide heat resistant enclosure of flammable liquid containers which helps to protect both personnel and property from devastating fires. Cabinets help identify, organise and segregate dangerous liquids.

Often, they can be located near points-of-use, saving time and effort by eliminating frequent trips to a central storage room. To clearly identify contents, safety cabinets include a visible warning label: "Flammable – Keep Fire Away."

Labels that are reflective in nature offer an extra measure of safety. When illuminated with a flashlight during power outages or under smoky conditions, the reflective warning label bursts with high visibility, alerting firefighters or employees to the location of hazardous materials.

The safety cabinets improve the security against unauthorised use of their potentially destructive contents. Justrite cabinets can be padlocked allowing security to be keyed different, keyed alike, or master keyed for employee convenience.

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