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Customised drum handling solutions from Reflex Australia

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Rolling, moving or lifting both small and large drums within the workplace whether full or empty can be a major factor in manual handling injuries. A range of Reflex Australia ’s drum handling equipment is available to lift, pour, rack, both small and large drums within industrial workplaces, while limiting the manual handling requirements of the user.

Reflex Australia can fabricate customised drum handling solutions, and have a large range of options that are available commercially including:

  • Reflex Australia’s Australian made specialised trolleys of which minimal manual handling is required to pick up-drop or push full or empty drums up to a 200 litre capacity, are available to cater for different industry applications
  • Reflex Australia ‘s easy load drum cradles in which 200 litre drums can be picked up, moved to a location and positioned horizontally if required for dispensing of contents
Forklift attachments include Reflex platforms, cages and specialised drum rotator forks to enable carrying of individual or multiple drums by forklift—with fork options allowing 360 degree rotation, 500kg safe working load and pouring options from the comfort of the cabin. Fixed or mobile drum tippers for both small and large drums are available for safe, controlled product emptying at varying heights.

Reflex Australia’s drum depalletisers foot operated hydraulic lift up to 350kg which can assist in placing or removing drums onto pallets, and is suitable for most steel or plastic 200 litre drums.  

With Reflex Australia’s drum dollies, drums can be placed and wheeled around with good maneuverability.

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