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Binsert load positioner and leveller available from Reflex Handling and Storage

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Binsert is a simple but highly effective way to reduce injury in laundries and other workplaces where loading and unloading of goods from bins presents a problem.

The Binsert is placed at the bottom of the bin and automatically raises or lowers the goods toward the operator, eliminating the need to bend and reach into the bin.

Binsert available from Reflex Handling and Storage uses a robust spring and scissor mechanism with a P.V.C. top to support the load. As the weight reduces the load rises or, in reverse, as the weight increases the load is lowered. Binsert is durable and built to last.

Binserts can be manufactured to meet food grade requirements as well.

Binsert: Hospital laundry solves manual handling problem:

In a large hospital laundry washing tonnes of hospital linen every day the loading wet laundry into and out of laundry trolleys was identified as a manual handling risk.

Industrial laundries move their wet linen in wire trolleys. They have a significant manual handling problem with the repetitive bending and lifting required to shift the wet linen into and out of the trolleys.

A Binsert was purchased for each of the hospital's laundry trolleys. The Binsert was then placed in the trolley, which allowed the laundry to be presented to the operator at a safe and convenient height.

The considerable manual handling risk presented by the need to lift wet linen was largely eliminated.

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