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Bailey, Ladderweld and Oldfields ladders available from Reflex Handling and Storage

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A ladder is used for gaining access to areas above or below the ground, or other levels not provided with permanent access. It is important to realise that there are limits to the safe use of a ladder. Most accidents involving ladders occur because these limits are exceeded. Bailey, Ladderweld and Oldfields ladders are available from Reflex Handling and Storage . These ladders are manufactured by The Hills Group of Companies.

Following are some guidelines for the safe use of ladders:

  • All ladders should be adequately supported at the base
  • A ladder should never be ‘walked’ by the person standing on the ladder
  • One ladder, one person and it is recommended that one should always have three limbs on the ladder at all times
  • Users should be aware of contacting power lines when putting a ladder into position
  • Users should never climb higher than the third rung from the top of the ladder
  • Users should only use a ladder at a place of work when the worker can grasp the ladder near waist height and for tasks which allow the worker to hold the ladder with one hand
  • Ladders should not be used outdoors when strong winds are blowing
  • Ladders are to be fitted with rubber (or similar non-slip material) feet to prevent slipping
  • Ladders shall be firmly secured or tied off. If tied, the ties should be attached to the stiles of the ladder and not the rungs. While the ladder is being secured, it should be held firmly by another person
  • Domestic ladders should not be used in an industrial environment
  • Fully enclosed slip resistant footwear should always be worn when using ladders
  • Ladders should be stored under cover with adequate support to prevent sagging
  • Ladders should be inspected at regular intervals and any defects or deterioration must be repaired before further use
  • Damaged ladders should be taken out of service

The Reflex Handling and Storage range of ladders includes:

  • Platform step ladders (static and mobile)
  • Double sided step ladders
  • Single sided step ladders
  • Step stools and step ladders
  • Extension ladders
  • Order Picker Platform Ladders (OP)
  • Deluxe order picker platform ladders
  • Tradesman ladders
  • Professional contractor ladders
  • Fibreglass ladders

Types of ladders available from Reflex Handling and Storage:

  • Domestic - Aluminium 100kg ladders
  • Tradesman - Aluminium 120kg ladders
  • Professional - Aluminium 150kg ladders

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