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Wide range of fire hose reels from Reel Tech.

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Reel Tech  located in Australia supplies equipment and components for fire protection. Reel Tech, a member of the Spray Nozzle Engineering group is the exclusive distributor in Australia for Hanney Reels for a decade.

The complete line of fire hose reels used for fire fighting applications supplied by Reel Tech reduces the response time and increases safety. These fire hose reels are available in different models.

Model series 3100/3600 is used in industrial fire protection. It is designed to support booster hose or pre connected collapsible hose for forestry, in-plant and off-shore fire protection systems. The Reel can be used for general warehouse and maintenance since water is always available at the reel.

Model series F reels supplied by Reel Tech is the super booster reel and weighs 50 per cent less than standard booster reels. It is fabricated in fully aluminum frame and no painting or coating is required.

Model series F4000 reels supplied by Reel Tech are used to handle compact reels for use in restricted space or on slide-on units and it is also used for bush and forest fire fighting vehicles.

Model series FF reels provided by Reel Tech is used for large booster hose or pre-connected collapsible hose. Model series SF is used in booster hose with an inboard mounted motor. It is also used in cabinets and wells which have space restrictions.

Model series 7100/7200 Reels supplied by Reel Tech is used to handle simultaneously two equal lengths of hose. Model Series LD Reels provided by Reel Tech is faster in clean-up, preconnect or storage. It allows efficient use of vehicle space as well as increased hose capacity. All these models are supplied without inlet or outlet riser or hub assembly for dry storage of Hose.

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