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The AG spring rewind hose reels available from Reel Tech

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The recent supply the 2nd millionth hose reel was celebrated by Hannay Reels and Reel Tech with a Hannay AG Series sent to a customer in Queensland.

To provide slow, even travel speed throughout the rewind to ensure maximum operator safety, The AG Series, spring rewind hose reels use a pneumatic governor. There is no more "uncontrolled whipping" as the amount of resistance required by the operator and application can be chosen with ease, found on other, older style, uncontrolled spring reels. As opposed to competitor designs only being able work on light-duty springs, the air speed control governor can be scaled up to regulate speed on even the most powerful Hannay spring reels.

It does not matter what the ambient temperature is for proper reel operation with the AG Series spring rewind hose reels’ air flow to control speed. The controlled rewind speed will not change, even in cold weather. The AG Series spring rewind hose reels are totally adjustable and the end-user can turn the air restrictor clockwise or counterclockwise until the optimal rewind speed is founds for the application.

The AG Series can be orders on reels from 0.6 cm to 3.8 cm I.D. hose sizes and can operate in all conditions and for all applications.

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