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Stainless steel and Welding Reels from Reel Tech

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Stainless steel reels are available in many series from Reel Tech. The SSN700 stainless steel reel offers narrow frame for compact mounting. The SSN800 and SS800 are single hose spring rewind stainless steel reel which are available in two frame configurations. The standard N series are made from narrow frame and compact mounting base. The square tubing frame are made for heavy-duty applications.

The SS1000 are a stainless steel, manual rewind reel. These are light weighted reels that is industry-designed to fit compact spaces and are ideal for mobile steam cleaning and pressure wash units.
Stainless steel reels are used in Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, Fueling, Dairy operations, Bottling plants and in Portable water and Food processing sectors.

Welding Reels provides quick connectivity to the welder. The chain and sprocket are powered by an electric, hydraulic or compressed air motor or spring rewind. The TWCR welding reels are dual arc welding reel that can be manually rewinded and designed to handle #1 through 4/0 cable to 400 amps, grounding. Welding reels are used in arc, gas and cut operations.

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