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Hose reels, welding reels and cable reels from Reel Tech

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Reel Tech  an Australian company, which is a member of the Spray Nozzle Engineering Group provides hose reels for a wide range of applications. Triad rescue reels from Reel Tech reduce response time while increasing  safety.

Model series F1500 is suitable for providing breathing air for specific applications in rescue and emergency operations.

Model F2000 dual-hose reel is used in rescue operations which require hydraulic hose for power tools. Model series CR1600 can be used where live electric cables are also to be used for power at the scene of an emergency. Equipment and tools can be incorporated to the rescue operation vehicle in coordination with Reel Tech hose reels and Hannay Reels.

Reel Tech provides welding reels which are used in arc welding, gas welding and cutting operations. These reels allow the job to get done fast. Welding reels are available in power or manual rewind. There are different models currently available and supplied by Reel Tech. They are Model series SWCR/CR, series TWCR, series N400 and series 2400.

Cable reels supplied by Reel Tech are in different models and they are Model series C, Model series C3200 and C 1500, Model series CR, series SCR and NSCR.

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