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F1500, C1600 and the F2000 Hannay rescue series of hose reels available from Reel Tech

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In rescue operations, response speed can save lives. Emergency responders cannot waste any time fighting with hose or power cables. Rescue reels are vital for haz-mat situations, vehicular extractions, at-the-scene emergencies or breathing and utility air applications. The Hannay rescue series of hose reels, available from Reel Tech , helps rescue squads respond to emergencies quickly, safely and efficiently. The series features the F1500, C1600 and the F2000 hose reel models. The F1500 hose reel is suitable for utility air or breathing air.

The C1600 hose reel handles live electric cable and is suitable when a continuous source of power is required on-site. The F2000 dual-hose reel is suitable for rescue situations that require hydraulic hose for power tools. The F1500 and C1600 hose reels come with the choice of either a removable crank rewind or chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric or compressed air motor. The F2000 hose reel comes with a choice of a manual disc rewind or power rewind.

The safe and efficient packing up after attending any incident is also of importance. Reel Tech have enhanced the Hannay brand by offering the Reel Tech speed specification. This is a proprietary speed reduction of up to 30%, which allows the reel to rewind at a slower, safer speed permitting the operator to wind the hose on the reel neatly and safely ready for the next deployment. Reel Tech also offer fire reels for large and medium tankers as well as smaller bush fire vehicles.

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