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SEW to release mechatronic drive system at NMW

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article image MOVIGEAR mechatronic drive system

At National Manufacturing Week 2007, leading drives solution group, SEW-Eurodrive, will release its new all-in-one decentralised mechatronic drive system: MOVIGEAR.

Ideal for conveying applications, the hermetically-sealed MOVIGEAR provides manufacturers with a drive system with unsurpassed energy density.

Comprising motor, gear unit and drive electronics, all housed in a single compact housing, MOVIGEAR permits entirely new levels of drive system decentralisation, along with advanced levels of torque performance.

Featuring a powerful combination of compact design, high torque output and fanless motor, together with a single-line installation topology, MOVIGEAR provides manufacturers with a unique drive solution for the factory floor.

According to SEW Eurodrive, Manufacturers can now achieve high starting torques and extra quiet operation, while occupying minimal factory space.

MOVIGEAR only requires a single cable connection to the control cabinet. This, coupled with MOVIGEAR’s slim-line construction and dual-mounting option, enable straightforward installation in both existing and new applications.

Rated to IP65 as standard, with the option of IP69K (to the DIN 40050-9 standard), MOVIGEAR is ideal for harsh manufacturing applications.

The 9K indicates that the housing is protected against high-pressure wash down, high-temperature water contact and can withstand industrial cleaning agents.

MOVIGEAR is perfect for manufacturing applications where hygiene is essential, such as those in the food and beverage sector.

The advanced smooth, self-draining housing prevents accumulation of debris, while its plasticised scratch-proof surface coating contains bacteria inhibiting properties.

According to SEW, MOVIGEAR has been fully engineered to provide manufacturers with advanced levels of speed and torque control.

MOVIGEAR features constant torque through its inherent 10:1 speed range. This design innovation contributes to the reduction of gear ratio variants, ultimately reducing the spare parts investment at the manufacturer’s site.

Inherently energy-efficient, MOVIGEAR is offered in two sizes and incorporates a motor and gear unit that have been optimised to deliver high start-up torques with minimal power consumption.

According to SEW, torques up to four times the nominal value can be achieved on start-up with MOVIGEAR.

This is invaluable for starting applications like fully-loaded conveyors. Manufacturers typically have to oversize conventional motors significantly to match the start-up performance of the MOVIGEAR unit.

Initially provided in two installation variants, SBI for simple digital control and the SNI with fieldbus control, MOVIGEAR incorporates a keyless TorqLoc, or keyed hollow shaft mounting system and is available in shaft diameters of 25mm to 35mm.

MOVIGEAR is one of the innovative manufacturing drive solutions on the market today.

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