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Maxitec to exhibit products at Reed Exhibitions’ NMW 2008

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article image E5 Compact Express

Maxitec has made two significant 11th hour inclusions to its exhibition inventory for the Austech section of Reed Exhibitions’ NMW 2008.

The sheet metal machine and software specialist will provide access to the Tensol Origami long-length folding machine from OEMB, which is designed for long length work and the Finn-Power servo electric turret punch press E5 Compact Express for bending, forming, tapping and marking.

Tensol Origami:
The Origami has machines with folding lengths of four metres, six metres, eight metres, 10 meters, 12 metres and 14 metres, as well as customised lengths for the occasional specific need.

This wear-proof, long life folding machine has a hardened reinforcement bar suitable for folding materials, which exceed the hardness of standard steels.

Work depths of these machines vary from (Type H) 1,100mm depth, 1,250mm depth (Type I), 1,500mm depth (Type U).

Much of the performance of these folding machines is based on sophisticated control units. These simple, reliable, intuitive and precise control systems have features including one program allowing possibility of more than 100 lines, touch screen operation, program incremental entries, program fold repetitions, hard disk minimum of 40GB, numeric program names, USB stick for backup and programs restore and ergonomic designed control consol.

In addition, there is the possibility to execute radius with the help of a specific programming macro, possibility to manage the optional tapered back gauge and the programming of the optional pneumatic disappearing back-stop fingers on the BC-04 and BV-99.

Also, high speed pumps can be managed; managing the signalling lights up to 4 positions, laser safety system management, hydraulic shear management, segment management and graphic part representation and all of this can be managed offline.

Finn-Power E5 Compact Express
E5 Compact Express is a compact, high-performance servo electric turret punch press with fully automated material handling capabilities. It is a multi-purpose machine for bending, forming, tapping and marking.

With fully programmable punching and upforming stroke (NC-axis), the E5 Compact Express from Finn-Power is available with 20 ton and 30 ton punching force.

For economic operation, the E5 has low electric connection, consumption and maintenance costs. The compact size and small foot print make it easy to place in every facility.

The machine is well suited to small fabrication shops wanting to introduce some level of automation. It can be easily worked in manual mode just like any conventional turret press.

Ease of manual loading is greatly enhanced by the availability of 4 positioning pins ensuring optimal operator ergonomics. Unloading of processed components is semi-automatic: the machine places the components in a freely programmable position on the table thus making the operator’s work much easier.

During automatic operation, sheets are loaded from a loading table to the clamps of the turret punch press. Double sheet detection and centring are performed for every sheet.

Ready sheets are unloaded using a moving table and is carried out simultaneously while the loader is loading the next sheet. Processed sheets can be stacked on an unloading table, which is located below the moving table and is adjusted automatically as the sheet stack grows.

Raw material can be added and unloaded sheets removed while the machine continues to operate. Material flow to and from the machine is from one direction, its loading table works at optimal operating height, it has large loading sheet stack capacity of 350mm stack height and 3,000kg stack weight.

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