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Air admittance valves for sanitary systems

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article image Premi-Aire air admittance valve.

STUDOR’s Premi-Aire range of Air Admittance Valves (AAVs), available from Reece , offers an alternative to the expensive and complex open vent piping systems that penetrate the roofs of most homes, factories and office blocks.

STUDOR Premi-Aire AAVs make it possible to utilise air within a building to ventilate sanitary plumbing. The valves provide a complete solution to dealing with the negative pressures and limited low positive pressure in plumbing systems.

The STUDOR Premi-Aire AAVs allow air to enter the plumbing drainage system through a one-way air valve when water flows through the pipes. When the flow stops, the valve closes by gravity and prevents the escape of sewer gas from the plumbing system.

STUDOR's screening protects valve seals and seats against foreign objects, materials and vermin.

The Premi-Aire range has been designed to compliment the current range of AAVs supplied in Australia - the STUDOR Mini-Vent and the STUDOR Maxi Vent.

The Premi-Aire range consists of three AAVs, all of which are UV resistant.

The STUDOR Premi-Aire 40 is an economic valve developed for installation on single trap fixtures and en-suites. It is capable of venting up to 6 fixture units (1.1l/sec) which is more than enough to vent an en-suite. The Premi-Aire 40 is a small valve ideal for retrofitting into existing systems.

The STUDOR Premi-Aire 50 is a top of the range valve developed for group venting and capable of venting up to 60 fixture units (5.9L/sec). This is more than adequate for venting a complete kitchen or bathroom. This AAV can be installed up to 1m below the flood level of the appliance.

The STUDOR Premi-Aire 100 is also a top of the range valve. It was developed for stack venting and is able to vent up to 1000 fixture units (32L/sec), making it suitable for venting a stack system up to 10 storeys high. This AAV can also be installed up to 1m below the flood level of the appliance.

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