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Manufacturing Resource Planning software from Redthorn (Australia)

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Redthorn (Australia)  specialises in the design and development of Manufacturing Resource Planning and Enterprise Resource Planning software, suitable for engineering and manufacturing sectors. e-scope is a manufacturing process control software tool developed by Redthorn (Australia). The e-scope manufacturing process control software systems developed by Redthorn (Australia) are suitable for use in aerospace, automotive, plastics, packaging, textiles, electronics, packaging and engineering sectors. Redthorn’s e-scope is an Oracle based software tool that can be used for reliable and secure business process control applications. The software can be extended for internet based business management applications.

The e-scope software system come with sales order processing, purchase order processing, manufacturing resource planning, inventory managing, quality management and planning and scheduling modules. Using advanced design and development techniques, Redthorn (Australia) offers complete business process control and management solutions to its clients. The business and manufacturing process control software tools designed by Redthorn (Australia) are available with user friendly interface.

Redthorn (Australia) offers onsite training services for training employees on different software management techniques. The customised software solutions offered by Redthorn (Australia) help manufacturers in effectively controlling and managing their production processes.

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