Redtail Design

Redtail Design specialises in Electrical and Mechanical Product Design where typically a client will come to us with an idea which they require turning into a reality. We incorporate a wide range of skills including robotics into our designs.


Supplier news
28/05/09 - Redtail Design house a wide range of Jackfields too. Patch Panels and Jackfields are used for video, audio and data applications.
Supplier news
27/05/09 - Redtail Design offer racks for a diverse range of projects. These vary from broadcast to safety equipment for mining and automation to vending.
Supplier news
26/05/09 - Redtail Design are specialists in providing electrical and mechanical product designs. Redtail Design have the ability to change the client’s idea into reality with a range of skills.

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Unit 1, 5 Quantum link
Tel: 0438 581580
Fax: 08 93025562

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