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Why choose a Denyo generator?

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Denyo power generators, available in Australia from Redstar Equipment are standalone power generating sets capable of providing power in environments with no access to regular power supply.

Widely used in infrastructure projects including civil engineering and construction works, Denyo engine-driven power generators are also employed in various facilities as an emergency power source for critical equipment such as medical equipment, online banking systems and traffic signals.

Denyo’s DCA Series diesel generators are complete standalone power generating sets featuring a Denyo alternator directly coupled to a diesel engine. Both the alternator and engine are set on a common skid base with special vibration isolators used to minimise vibrations during operation.

The generator and electrical components are fully enclosed in a solid-steel, weatherproof bonnet. Noise suppression is achieved using highly effective sound insulating materials.

An innovative excitation system fitted on all models in the DCA Series works in conjunction with the AVR and advanced brushless generator to provide fast voltage regulation in response to load variations, enabling use soon after start-up and ensuring output stability during load variations.

Key features of Denyo DCA Series power generators:
  • Synchronous brushless alternator for minimal wear
  • Designed to function in all climatic conditions
  • Safely powers sensitive loads such as thyristors, inverters and computer systems without risk of damage
  • Easy starting and quick response
  • Highly reliable diesel engines with low fuel consumption
  • Uninterrupted generator operation for up to 12 hours under 75% load
  • Standby power rating (110% or 105% load except DCA-610SPM) allows continuous use for 1 hour in every 8 hours of operation 
  • Built-in parallel operation drive system allows large temporary power supply requirements to be met
  • Dual voltage system allows one generator to be used to power motors with different voltage settings
  • All models can run at 50Hz/60Hz with simple adjustment of engine speed on control panel
  • Compact soundproof construction ensures extremely quiet operation at full load

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