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WA Miner installs parallel generator system

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3 x 325kva Pramac Generators were delivered to Western Australian mining company TIWEST in August.

The three machines were supplied from WASP Diesel’s Perth branch, fitted with paralleling control systems, which enables them to generate nearly 1000kva to a single distribution point. The advantage of operating generators in parallel is that machines can start up or shut down in response to varying load.

For example, a project may require 300kva for 12 hours out of the day; have a ramp up period of six hours where they require 500kva and then a peak load period of four hours when 850kva is required. Using a system of generators in parallel, one machine would operate constantly, then a second unit would kick in automatically when it senses an increase to the ramp up load, and then finally a third machine starts during the peak load period.

The benefits of such a system on a variable load site are dramatic and often repay the entire capital cost of the installation within 12 months of operation.

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