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Redstar offers fuel cubes, self bunded storage and dispensing solutions for petroleum products

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Redstar Equipment  offers a range of storage and dispensing solutions for petroleum products.

Fuel cubes are a range of self bunded baffled tanks available in various capacities from 450 litres to 13000 litres. The 6300L, 6500L (containerised), 10000L and 13000L (containerised) models are supplied with overfill protection valve/ anti-syphon valve and overfill alarm unit.

The self bunded tanks find application in site static storage, delivery, storage, transport and decanting of various petroleum products.

Redstar fuel cubes are fabricated from high grade mild steel and consist of inner as well as outer tanks. The inner tank contains the initial volume of liquid with the outer tank preventing the containerised liquid from escaping into the environment in the unlikely event of a leak. The bunded tank has a capacity of 110% of volume.

The fuel cubes are ideal for storing and transporting diesel, petrol and lubricants by truck or shipping containers.

Lubricant storage cubes are ideal for the storage or transport of bulk lubricants, offering a smarter and more environment-friendly option to the use of drums for the purpose.

The storage cubes help reduce the number of times that oil needs to be decanted, lowering the risk of spills or contamination to the site. A stainless steel inner tank version is also available for coolant applications.

Waste oil storage cubes are an environmentally smart and operationally efficient way of storing and transporting waste lubricants on site. The self bunded, fully baffled tanks provide a convenient evacuation/ bulk storage point on site for waste lubricants.

The tanks can be configured with a wide range of collection and evacuation options to increase the functionality of the tank on site, including bulk pour points, air driven diaphragm pump evacuation systems, filter and bucket drain points, Wiggins or Banlaw dry break evacuation fittings for seamless evacuation of waste oils from site machinery as well as drum evacuation systems.

Key features of Redstar fuel cubes: 

  • UN31 A/Y approved for transport of dangerous goods
  • AS1692/ AS1940 approved for static storage
  • Self bunded (double wall) design
  • 110% secondary containment
  • Inner tank can be removed for maintenance and inspection
  • 450, 950, 2000, 3000, 4500, 6300, 6500 (containerised), 10000 and 13000 (containerised) litre capacities
  • Robotic welded seams ensure lasting durability
  • 3-year guarantee
  • All fittings, hoses, pumps, nozzles and dispensing points are located within the bunded area

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