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Redstar DAW-500S welders offer fuel efficiency and stable arc performance

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article image The DAW-500S welder with built-in slow-down unit for decreased fuel consumption

Redstar Equipment's DAW-500S welders are designed to be fuel efficient and give stable arc performance.  They give excellent stability when used with all sizes of welding rods.  The DAW-500S’s powerful generator incorporates a brushless permanent magnet and advanced current control system that are designed with pipeline construction and other projects in mind.

The fuel efficient design of the DAW-500S welder’s power generator incorporates a built-in slow-down unit to increase performance whilst decreasing consumption of fuel, making it economical to run.  This, combined with the welder’s compact, lightweight design, has reduced engine output requirement by approximately 20%, when compared to previous welder designs, leading to increased efficiency.

The compact and lightweight design of the DAW-500S welders gives them improved manoeuvrability in the field.  They are suitable for both DC and AC welding.

At Redstar safety is an important concern.  Among other safety features the DAW-500S welders are equipped with an emergency shut-off device as a safety standard.  The shut-off device activates in the event of welding output overload, high water temperature, low oil pressure and insufficient battery charge.

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