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Getting the most from diesel engines

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article image Redstar Equipment’s comprehensive service package for diesel powered equipment
Maximum reliability can be guaranteed from diesel engines in generators, compressors or welders by ensuring quality fuel, quality air, appropriate load and regular servicing.

No matter how many backup generators one has installed on site, bad fuel will compromise the performance. In addition to particulate and water contamination, biological growth will also render any diesel engine unserviceable. Along with the failure of the diesel engine, one can incur additional costs to remove the contaminated fuel, clean the fuel storage tank and fuel lines, repair any inject and injector pump damage as well as replace the fuel.

Quality fuel can be ensured for the diesel engine by installing an appropriately-sized fuel filter and water separator as part of the fuel system.

Along with quality fuel, quality air is very important to ensure maximum operating life in diesel engines. Air filters need to be checked daily and replaced as required by site conditions.

Diesel engines must always be operated under the correct load. Overloading the diesel engine will cause excessive exhaust temperatures, resulting in overheating. Under voltage and under frequency conditions on the power output can also cause damage to electrical and electronic equipment connected to the generator.

Conversely, running the generator with insufficient load can also cause problems with the diesel engine, such as glazing of the cylinder bores, which will stop the cylinder rings from sealing properly, creating a potential ‘blowby’ condition.

‘Blowby’ refers to the excess gases from the combustion process being forced from the top of the piston past the piston rings and into the sump, leading to a pressurised sump and oil being forced past seals outside the engine. It also causes the oil to become diluted with fuel, ash, carbon and other by-products of the combustion process.

This contamination can cause premature wear on the engine’s internal surfaces as the oil loses its lubricating properties. Additionally, the oil/fuel mixture can become flammable causing a crankcase explosion, which can destroy the engine completely.

Redstar Equipment  offers a comprehensive service package to help customers derive the maximum benefits from their diesel powered equipment.

The service package includes performing manufacturer-specified services using quality filters and engine parts, conducting chemical analysis of engine oil, fuel and coolants, supply and maintenance of suitable particulate filters and water filters as well as filtration systems designed to eliminate biological growth. Redstar technicians are also capable of conducting engine repairs and overhauls, alternator repairs and rewinds as well as load testing generators and control systems.

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