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article image DIS-275SB2 box type compressor

Available now from Redstar Equipment , the DIS-275SB2 box type compressor is reliable, fuel efficient and easy to transport.

The advanced design of this box type compressor's non-friction, twin screw airends enables the unit to generate consistently steady streams of air. The special bearings incorporated into the airends are carefully selected for use with twin screws and are highly reliable and durable.

Developed by Denyo, the engine speed control system in the DIS-275SB2 box type compressor incorporates a highly efficient screw that saves fuel and improves performance at all rated conditions and guarantees high overall operating efficiency from no-laod to full-load conditions. Fuel consumption has also been significantly improved at light and medium load level.

The new type airend and large battery built into this box type compressor has improved start-up at low temperatures, and a start relief valve also makes start-up easier.

All box type compressor models are equipped with an automatic blowoff valve that releases residual air pressure when the compressor is shut off. This makes restarting the unit easier. The DIS-130 and larger units are equipped with a protective device which prevents the machine from restarting accidentally due to residual air pressure.
All air compressors can be stopped merely by turning the engine key to the STOP position, eliminating the need for the manual stopping levers or buttons used on previous models.

Unlike larger box type compressor units equipped with automatic air bleeder or emergency shut-off devices as standard equipment, the DIS-90 and smaller units no longer require air bleeding. The engine can be started at any time without air bleeding.

DIS-600 and larger box type compressor models are coated with an anticorrosive substance that prevents damage due to salt and moisture. Furthermore, stainless steel bolts have also been used on the exterior. Denyo’s high standards for electrical wiring and connector insulation have also been utilised in these new and improved machines.

These small, lightweight compressors are also equipped with a unique soundproofing system. The average value of noise at a distance of 7m in any direction is 64-76dB(A) at rated operation.

These lightweight and compact box type compressors feature a one-point lifting eye that makes moving the unit at the work site quick and easy. All compressors, including trailer types are equipped with a lifting eye.

All 4-wheel trailer type units are also equipped with parking brakes.

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