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DCA Series Prime Fixed Generator 10 from Redstar Equipment

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The DCA series Prime Fixed Generator 10 available from Redstar Equipment is a line of standalone power generating sets featuring special vibration isolators to minimise vibrations during operation.  

All power generators in the DCA series consist of an alternator directly coupled to a diesel engine. The alternator and engine are set on a common skid base.  

The DCA series power generators are powerful generator sets, built for quiet as well as environment-friendly operation. The diesel engines used in these generators meet all Californian Atmospheric Pollution standards.  

The DCA series can be operated at 50Hz or 60Hz by simply adjusting the engine speed using the throttle control knob on the control panel.  

An auto fuel air extractor in the DCA series generators can be operated with a starter switch to automatically perform fuel air extraction without the need for special tools.  

In addition to preventing the trapping of air in the fuel system, the auto fuel air extractor ensures there is no soiling of the machine’s interior or the operator’s hands while the outflow of fuel to the machine’s exterior is also stopped. The machine will start after the engine is turned over a few times.  

To meet the requirement for reduced noise in urban areas and at worksites, the DCA series generators are designed for quiet operation even at full load. The generator and electrical components are fully enclosed in a solid steel, weather-proof canopy. Noise suppression is achieved by using highly effective sound insulation materials.  

Diesel engines used in the DCA series generators meet the Californian Atmospheric Pollution standard, one of the most stringent anti-pollution benchmarks in the world. Achieved using a purge control valve system, the engines do not discharge blow-by gas to the outer atmosphere, keeping the interior of the machine clean and the exhaust emissions minimised. 

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